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Volatility Views

Volatility Views is the premier radio program for volatility traders. From interviews with leading industry guests to detailed analysis of volatility products, this program takes you inside the world of volatility trading like never before. If you are an experienced options trader looking to expand your understanding of volatility, or if you are simply curious about VIX and other volatility products, then this is the program for you.

Dec 3, 2018

Volatility Review: A look back at the week from a volatility perspective.

  • VIX Cash - 19.4, almost unchanged from two week ago
  • VIX - 94, 12-points lower than last show
  • VIX Options - ADV: 546k, Total 6.77m (4.81m Calls, 1.95m Puts)
  • VXX - 35.5, 1-point lower than last show
  • Crypto crushed below $4k recently

Volatility Voicemail: Options question of the week:

AAPL continues to take a beating - recently dropping below $175. We know many of you LOVE to trade $AAPL and this selloff creates opportunities. Looking ahead to Jan 2019 expiration- which trade would you prefer to make in $AAPL right now?

  • Sell Jan 150P for $1.65
  • Buy Jan 150P for $1.65
  • Sell Jan 200C for $1
  • Buy Jan 200C for $1

Listener questions and comments

  • Comment from Pete Yarbro - I'd sell this strangle.
  • Question from EELC5 - What's the lowest volatility can get in the SPX?
  • Comment from Nilai - I like Mark's idea for an erosionator in VXX. Would be something interesting to watch. Kind of like a smog report or tide report but for VXX.

Crystal Ball: Wild and reckless prognostication.

Two weeks ago we asked people to guess where VIX would close on 11/30 by the end of the show. Answer: 18.80

  • Mark L.: 18.15
  • Mark S.: 15.25
  • R Ray: 19.70 -.9
  • Richie Rich: 17.1
  • Alex P: 17.50
  • William Valentine: I'm going with 16-ish. (I'll define the margin of -ish next Friday).
  • Ophir Gottlieb: 19.23 - Vol is too cheap for a number of names and buying one-two day straddles is printing money. This is one of the best trading environments for vol in 5 years.
  • MRTOPTICK: 19.87
  • Neil Wales: 18.1 - .7
  • ConTango: 15.09
  • Andrew Giovinazzi: 15.91
  • David Lincoln: 16.50
  • Jim Carroll: I'll take 14.90 cuz bears will take a break before they try again...Just wanted to take the under! Come at me!!!!!!
  • Matt Thompson, CFA: 18.71056
  • Cmcapone: Kind of late, but for the 11/30 prognostication contest, put me down for 18.80.

This week:

  • Mark L. - 17.15
  • Mark S. - 16.35